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Hi, I’m Charli, AKA "The Wife" from Man Wife and Dog Blog. Since i got married I’ve been posting the daily dish and dirt about my marriage and my life as a rookie wife on That's so much fun, but every now and then I want to blog about the random coolness and fierceness that is being Charli Penn-Watkins — lover of life, brownies, moscato, photographs, and a good belly-hurting laugh. So, if Man Wife and Dog Blog is my husband, you could kinda consider this baby my side piece. ;-) So....welcome to The Wife's (Side) Life


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» “home” for the weekend « hubby says “another win for the hotel guru” and I must agree! #nylo #rhodeisland #mygrownandsexy32 #itsalmostmybirthday (at The Loft at Nylo)

» modern, chic and sleek find in #rhodeisland « hotel bar #nylo (at NYLO Warwick)

» it’s a beautiful day for the back roads! « #mygrownandsexy32 #itsalmostmybirthday #roadtrippin

» road trippin’ to New England with my love « #itsalmostmybirthday #eyesontheroad (at Route 95 Connecticut)

Happy Hump Day! #lovenotes #healthyhappylove

» a beautiful friendship story « Rebecca and I met 10 years ago fresh out of college at our first editorial job (, We clicked instantly as the two resident overachieving editorial assistants and felt like we’d known each other for a lifetime. Well, as it turns out, we had….we soon learned we were both born in the same New Jersey hospital, two days apart in 1982! We always say that we just had to have met in the nursery…I’ve been making lifelong friends since the day I was born…ha! Anyway, we’ve referred to each other as “crib buddies” ever since and today we shared a celebratory “our birthday week” lunch break. I ❤️ you diva! #lifelongfriends #ussie #virgonation (at The Little Beet)

» morning treat from my heart to yours! « love these by @thebakedequation via @PhotoRepost_app #staypositive

» just beautiful! « #rp by @southernweddings #weddings #prettythings #bridesmaids

» must have this pillow! @societysocial !!! « photo by @bestfriendsforfrosting via @PhotoRepost_app #getitgirl

» 23 years of friendship in the making! « #latergram #besties #liamsmariobirthday #liamturns5

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