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Hi, I’m Charli, AKA "The Wife" from Man Wife and Dog Blog. Since i got married I’ve been posting the daily dish and dirt about my marriage and my life as a rookie wife on That's so much fun, but every now and then I want to blog about the random coolness and fierceness that is being Charli Penn-Watkins — lover of life, brownies, moscato, photographs, and a good belly-hurting laugh. So, if Man Wife and Dog Blog is my husband, you could kinda consider this baby my side piece. ;-) So....welcome to The Wife's (Side) Life


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» Virgo season « met my Virgo buddy @thebestess (the most recent winner of the voice!) today and she’s a total sweetheart, AND she can saaaaang!! #tesseannechin #thevoice

» good times « at it again with @chartastical and @yolizama #officebesties (at Ruth’s Chris Steak House Manhattan)

» the other love of my life « #alwaysbeposin’ #abp #dogmamas #yorkies #yorkiesofinstagram

» You’ve allowed me to see the wings that allow you to fly.” — Black Butterfly #lipsoflove « Nose-deep in my friend @thepoetchamp’s new Lips Of Love poetry book.

What divorce?! #beyhive #beautiful #vmas #vmas2014

» sweet treats! « #summerdays (at Rita’s)

» message « Happy Sunday! #staystrong (at Bloomfield, New Jersey)

» heartgasms « my niece is so perfect! #elladylan @arns32 #shesgonnamakememovetoarizona

» xoxo « love ya’ll! #kisses

» divas on the daily runway « she’s stealing my shine! #dogmamas #instayorkies #yorkies #ilovemydog

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