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Hi, I’m Charli, AKA "The Wife" from Man Wife and Dog Blog. Since i got married I’ve been posting the daily dish and dirt about my marriage and my life as a rookie wife on That's so much fun, but every now and then I want to blog about the random coolness and fierceness that is being Charli Penn-Watkins — lover of life, brownies, moscato, photographs, and a good belly-hurting laugh. So, if Man Wife and Dog Blog is my husband, you could kinda consider this baby my side piece. ;-) So....welcome to The Wife's (Side) Life


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;-) #love

by @michael_p_dubya “#yaaaassss” via @PhotoRepost_app #karaokenights happy birthday Tyrelle!! @lack_of_patience (at Pulse Karaoke NYC)

At ESSENCE we like to send our dear digital interns off with a bang! (And a pose!) We’ll miss you Dom @klas_akt because clearly we need a tall diva in the crew…lol!

Auntie’s in Jersey and #elladylan is in Arizona, but nothing could keep us from watching her devour her first birthday cake! I’m so in love!!! #bliss #family #love @arns32

Sayyyy whaaaat!? My little niece is ONE today!!!! I couldn’t be more proud of the father my lil bro has turned out to be! Love you #elladylan and @arns32 ❤️❤️😍 (Doesn’t she look adorbs in that onesie auntie got her from her big eurotrip?!)

by @real_simple via @PhotoRepost_app

Don’t @daniebb3 and I look so “Taystee”?! This #OITNB Stan just had a moment!! (Thanks @yolizama!!!) #taystee #daniellebrooks ❤️❤️❤️ (at Time & Life Building, Ave Of The Americas NY City)

That awesome moment when you meet an IG bestie for the first time in person!!! #essencefest #latergram @theatlgo2girl (at Mercedes-Benz Superdome)

The pre/show #selfie. Aren’t photo bombs so much more fun when the other person has NO idea?! #datenight #ontherun #jayz #beyonce #otr (at MetLife Stadium)

My after show glow…. #ontherun #beyhive #beyonce #jayz photo by: hubby @themannj (at MetLife Stadium)

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